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jeudi 13 mai 2010


Despite being fully ept to handle all the rigors and harsh conditions thrown at it, CASIO G-SHOCK take the next step with a special capsule of GW-5600 watches releasing later this summer. Incorporating carbon fiber materials in the construction of the case and band, the watches exude that signature aesthetic associated with carbon fiber which has been a mainstay in the automotive and aeronautical industries for some time. The watches include some special features including radio-syncing for time accuracy and solar charging. The watch collection includes the GW-S5600 which includes a black/white LCD (June 30th release) while the GW-S5600B includes a black/black LCD with red trim (July 31st release). The GW-S5600 and GW-S5600B will carry respective price tags of ¥31,500 JPY and ¥33,600 JPY with a limited run of 1,500 pieces per style.
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