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みなさんからのお問い合わせご意見、ご感想、大歓迎です。メールアドレ スは ここです。 ここです。

samedi 31 janvier 2009

On request

みなさん、どこに Fish and Chips シールがあるかしってますか??おしえてください。

On CMWC 2009...

On Natural NGSW ready to set up

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On Osaka and Kobe Pictures


On best Kobe Meat ??

vendredi 30 janvier 2009

On Nice Train from Osaka to Tokyo and Tokyo to Osaka

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On this is Japan

This is Japan! from Eric Testroete on Vimeo.
As seen at Jun s

On Osaka Kanidoraku

On とてもありがとうながさわけのみなさん。


mercredi 28 janvier 2009

On Update

A lot of Pics. in the Album Bikes in Japan...
And a lot from the Pedal Magazine Party.
De Velos au Japon

De Velos au Japon

Message pour Mickael de Cyclope et Luis Davis... Ce Monsieur vous passe le Bonjour. Luis, E - mail moi, j ai un Message pour toi de sa part. Merci.

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On Contest for my French readers...

Hey Guys.
I Worked for you tonight...
I could sneak out some Samples copies of the New Magazine at the throwing Party tonight.
Contest will start Sunday night.
So stay tuned...

On great Lunch

On of my best Sushi Restaurant is in Shinjuku...

mardi 27 janvier 2009

On Chari Dri

On Shizuka x Shino x Dave

I would like to thank Publicly some great People... First of all, for her kindness, patience, help, and availability, the great Shizuka... She and Brendt are doing a very great Job for the B.f.f., and they deserve a great reward for this never ending adventure, so rich in meetings, and in Happiness... Because, after all, that s what B.f.f. is about; spread the Bicycle itch, spread the Bicycle spirit, in so many Countries, in so many Cultures...
Check their Site;
Then, for their great welcoming and Beer, the Kinkfolk Bar in Nakameguro, and specially Ryan.
And last, but not least, the great Shino San... The fastest Bike Messenger in the World, and I m sure, the kindest too... A very Great Man, full of thoughts and energy...
Please, stay tuned for his Interview...

On Bikes in Japan Album Update

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lundi 26 janvier 2009

On Tokyo by Bike

On すもとり。

As seen on Naoki s Blog

On Tyler Johnson

As seen at Zlog

On cool Bikes

Very Nice at Jan s

On Nitto and Jan


税込み¥6,195- 安い
As seen at Jan

On keys...

As seen at my Friend Jussi

On Kubota Bandits

KUBOTA BANDITS Trailer from nb on Vimeo.
As seen at

On a cool brand; Gunung

As seen at;

On which Bags are they using ??


NYC 2008 Bicycle Film Festival [trailer] from jmartinez on Vimeo.

On the great Flying Helmet...


On Blue Lug

On Tokyo Lunch