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mardi 27 janvier 2009

On Shizuka x Shino x Dave

I would like to thank Publicly some great People... First of all, for her kindness, patience, help, and availability, the great Shizuka... She and Brendt are doing a very great Job for the B.f.f., and they deserve a great reward for this never ending adventure, so rich in meetings, and in Happiness... Because, after all, that s what B.f.f. is about; spread the Bicycle itch, spread the Bicycle spirit, in so many Countries, in so many Cultures...
Check their Site;
Then, for their great welcoming and Beer, the Kinkfolk Bar in Nakameguro, and specially Ryan.
And last, but not least, the great Shino San... The fastest Bike Messenger in the World, and I m sure, the kindest too... A very Great Man, full of thoughts and energy...
Please, stay tuned for his Interview...

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