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mercredi 21 janvier 2009

On Campagnolo alcoholism

This Campagnolo corkscrew was bought directly from the Campagnolo factory in Vicenza Italy in the early 80's but because of the price tag, 34,500 Lira, I believe it was produced and packaged much earlier. It is brand new and never been used. The "oro" corkscrews were discontinued for some years (in the 90's?) and then brought back into production. This corkscrew is from the initial line of production. It comes with the original instructions and documentation.The Campagnolo corkscrew faithfully reflects the genius of its inventor, Tullio Campagnolo. In moments of difficulty, his genius, together with his great manual skill, always produced truly revolutionary inventions.
It's no coincidence that some considered him to be a latter-day Leonardo da Vinci.A really awkward bottle and a corkscrew that wasn't up to the job were the cause of this new stroke of genius that has not been bettered since 1966.
The patented system of the telescopic self-aligning cover always places the screw in the central part of the cork. The large screw in hardened steel with a wide and sharp profile provides maximum grip on the cork and the two large levers enable the corks to be pulled out of bottles of the finest vintages without disturbing the sediments that are typical of such wines.
These technical features and the use of the finest raw materials have made this corkscrew a must, a symbol of genius that is recognized throughout the world."
How cool. And there's even BIN... of 1300 USD.

34500 Italian Lire would be around 18 Euros.

As seen at my Friend' s Jussi at Fixed Gear Blog

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