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lundi 2 février 2009

On Natural NGSW

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Tech. Specs.;

NGSW. Natural Frame
Bottom Bracket; Hatta
Crankset; Black Sugino 75
Chainring; Black Sugino 75, size 46
Cog; Size 15
Seatpost; Nitto x Tee 19 Black
Saddle; San Marco Concor
Stem; Nitto Pearl 70 Black
Handlebar; Nitto riser Black and Nitto x Tee 19 B123 Black
Rear Wheel; Mavic Ellipse
Front Wheel; Hed 3
Chain HKK Vertex Black
Grips; Strong V
Pedals; MKS RX - 1 small size with MKS Alum. clips
Straps; Christophe

1 commentaire:

zaumi a dit…

oh holy god. that's the most sexiest nagasawa i've ever seen.
it's so clean and balanced! - awesome.

have you got more (bigger) pictures of that bike for me?