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mercredi 24 juin 2009

On Apero n' Ride Party... THE VIDEO.

Hype In Japan Aperon`RideParty 5/21 from ダビト on Vimeo.

Thanks to all our sponsors; the Kinfolk bar, John, Sawa san, CYCLOPE SHOP from Paris, Gunung, CCP., Luke from Brooklyn Machine Works, the help of W-Base Shop.

Frame was kindly given by CYCLOPE SHOP from Paris.

Thanks to all our Japanese friends who joined the event...
Thank you to Kyoichi san.
Most all the best were there; Nasty san, Malco san, Jun san, Saori san, Kai san, Shiho san, Sosh san, etc...
It was a pleasure to see all of you. As seen on Video., seems our Japanese friends had fun.
Thanks to けいこさん and Dada for the extra help.
Thanks to Yuya san for the translation help; you ve been great Yuya san.
Video. made by Takashi Koyama from Noside Films, and mix by Jun Iwai; thank you a lot.

One question; do you want more ?


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