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samedi 27 juin 2009

On from Trico Sports


This ultra-light case combines three layers of plush foam, heavy duty straps, and Triconium shells to make this the easiest to pack, most secure case for travel. The Iron Case is UPS ready. With its wheels, small strap, and light weight, it is very easy to maneuver through an airport. Hand grips are molded into the case for maneuverability in more constricted areas.

Iron Case® FEATURES:

• Highest possible strength/weight ratio and fully lockable
• A pull strap and wheels have been incorporated for increased mobility
• Minimal disassembly of bicycle required
• Three layers of foam cocoon your bicycle for maximum protection
• Accommodates all bikes up to 68 cm in size.

Item #51-002
Outer Size - 47" x 30.5" x 10.5"
Inner Size - 46 3/4" x 30.1/4" x 10.1/4"
Weight - 31 lbs (Unpacked)
Suggested Retail: $395.95

From Trico

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