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mardi 28 juillet 2009

On Fumy san

Fumy, however, knew exactly where he was!PEZ: How’s the hotel tonight, Fumy?Fumy: It’s good, it’s in Marseille, this was my home town, when I was an amateur in France – I actually know the hotel from back then.

PEZ: What do you think of le Tour?Fumy: The Tour is very popular with Japanese people; I’ve been watching it on TV since I was a kid. When I came to Europe to race, it was my dream to ride in the Tour. Last year, I rode in the Olympics, but for me the Tour is bigger, the number of spectators is unbelievable – it’s magnifique!

PEZ: How was Monaco?Fumy: There were people everywhere, it was really great.PEZ: You were a Disco man, did Lance say ‘hello?’Fumy: Oh, yeah, we were in the same hotel as Astana – Lance, Alberto, Sergio Paulinho, the mechanics, Johan Bruyneel – they all said; “hey! Fumy!”
PEZ: How does Skil compare to Discovery?Fumy: Discovery was a big, international team, Skil is smaller and has different character but I enjoy it too – I’m just glad to be still racing as a pro, in Europe.PEZ: Are you conscious that no Japanese rider has ever finished le Tour?Fumy: Two Japanese riders have started the Tour in the past but didn’t finish, there are two of us riding this year; me and Arashiro (BBox). He’s riding very well, in fact, he was fifth today; I know him to say ‘hello’ to and we chat a little in Japanese.And yes, I want to get to Paris!

PEZ: What’s Skil’s objective for this Tour?Fumy: We have Kenny van Hummel on the team; he’s a very good sprinter and is leading the UCI European Tour. We’re going to try and place him for the sprints; that was what we were trying to do today but he was involved in that crash with a kilometre to go.PEZ: How are you coping with the heat?Fumy: I don’t really like it but you just have to go on; it’s the same for everyone.

PEZ: Are you happy with your form for the Tour?Fumy: Yeah, yeah, yesterday was nor so good in the time trial but I felt good today. I’ve been riding well in French races recently – I had the climber’s jersey in one of my most recent races.

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